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Available in Stratford, London, St. Marys  and surrounding area

Private consultations

Sarah offers in home private behaviour consultations – she prefers meeting you and your dog in your home/ neighbourhood as that is where the undesirable behaviour is occurring.  It is extremely helpful for Sarah to see the set up of your dog’s environment, his/her behaviour in that environment, and begin the modification process at home.  Initial consultations are 1.5 hour in length, with follow-up sessions 1 hour in length. 


Breakfast Club

(Reactive Dog Class)

Sarah has been teaching Breakfast Club (aka reactive dog class) for over 10 years.  Starting in British Columbia and inspired by Pam Dennison's book, Bringing Light To Shadow, Sarah started a class for dogs to work on their challenges in a controlled environment.

Each dog is set up with individual "working" turns, in which scenarios are designed to work on your dog's reactivity below threshold while rewarding appropriate behaviour.  In between "working" turns, your dog can go on a sniff walk around the 60 acre farm or stick around to help other dogs.

This class is outdoors and is weather permitting.  It is not held during months with snow. Please contact for more information.

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Puppy Classes and Privates

Working/ Sport Dog           Events

Puppy classes are one of the most important things you can do for your puppy!  This class is designed for puppies aged 2-4 months of age and focuses on safe socialization, basic obedience and handling.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 puppies for safety.  These classes run in sets of 6 and are available on Wednesday evenings at Romeo Pet Hospital in Stratford, Ontario. 

Puppy private sessions are also available and these are extremely popular!  Great for issues such as house training , crate training, family training, puppy biting, and good manners.  These are done in your home, and it is ideal to have all members of the household available.

Sarah has assisted a variety of working/ sport dog teams in problem solving either behavior problems that may affect performance or task related issues.  Sarah also offers instruction in scent detection and tracking and occasionally hosts canine protection seminars.  Scent detection and olfactory research is a frequent focus of Sarah’s continuing education.  Please contact her for these specialty services.   


Virtual Puppy Behaviour Wellness Program

The puppy behaviour wellness program is not like your typical virtual puppy class.  Each 3 week program is personalized to your puppy’s needs while we work on foundation to prevent common behavior problems such as resource guarding, reactivity, and separation anxiety.  This program includes 3 x 1 hour private online sessions which are completed over 3 weeks, as well as weekly homework challenges.  This program is available to puppies 4 months of age and less and is open to Canadian residents.  Cost is $120.  Please use our contact form to enroll!

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