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In Person Services

Available for Stratford to north London, Ontario 

Behaviour Consultations

Puppy Private Sessions

Private puppy training sessions are done in your home/neighbourhood/yard. These sessions allow Sarah to see the home environment and are personalized to your concerns! Puppy private sessions are ideal for housetraining concerns, puppy biting and any behaviour problems that may be starting. These sessions are also great opportunities to begin training for situations such as door manners, backyard recall, loose leash walking, and socialization.

Puppy private sessions are $90 per hour or contact Sarah regarding possible package pricing. 

Behaviour consultations are recommended for those dealing with behaviour challenges with their dogs/ puppies. This service is recommended for challenges such as aggression, reactivity, anxiety, and resource guarding.

Behaviour modification is a process that consists of both management strategies as well as behaviour modification exercises. These exercises are often gradual in nature. Behaviour challenges are rarely resolved with one visit, and successful clients typically see Sarah over a series of sessions.

An initial behaviour consultation typically occurs in your home/yard as Sarah likes to see the dog in his/her environment. This visit consists of history taking, observation and we begin with management strategies and behaviour modification exercises. An initial behaviour consultation is 1.5 hours in length and cost is $170, including HST. Follow-up sessions are $90 per hour.  In person behaviour consultations are available on Mondays/ Wednesdays/ Thursdays and are scheduled according to the area Sarah is servicing that day. 

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