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Sarah Dykes, Hon.B.Kin, Dip DTBC, CDBC

Sarah is one of southwestern Ontario’s most educated and experienced canine behavior consultants.  Drawing from 15+ years of experience, seminar and competition attendance throughout North America, Sarah is committed to providing you and your dog thoughtful and progressive training and behaviour modification.

Sarah completed a Diploma in Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  Following that, she met the requirements to earn the designation of Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  She has previously been a member of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and Canadian Associationof Professional Pet Dog Trainers.  Sarah has attended many seminars and hands on courses, including multi-day conferences and workshops.  Her favourite has been the 5 day Handler Course with Mike Suttle at Logan Haus Kennels.

Sarah has been fortunate to have had many opportunities to work with various canine populations, from rescued pit bull terriers to retired sled dogs.  She has previously worked as a manager in an animal shelter, worked in various veterinary clinics as well as a research assistant , and she fulfilled the role as a canine behaviour expert witness for the city of Vancouver, district of Squamish, resort Municipality of Whistler, and assisted Squamish Nations on dangerous dog cases. 

Sarah has helped hundreds of dog guardians with behaviour problems such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety , and fear related behaviours.   She also provides support for new puppy and adopted dog homes, and she enjoys teaching puppy class.  Sarah has also assisted performance and working dog handlers with behaviour issues affected their dogs’ performances.

Sarah currently lives with 2 dogs – Shorty, who competes in barn hunt and patrols the farm for vermin, and Mulderwho competes in PSA (a type of civilian police work), sport scent detection and occasionally barn hunt.

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