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Virtual Services

Online Assistance for Dog & Puppy Behaviour

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Urgent Behaviour Help

Are you worried about your dog’s behaviour? Feeling overwhelmed by your puppy?

Similar in purpose to telehealth services for people, the urgent dog behaviour help is a new, affordable way for people to get professional 'first aid' behaviour help for their dogs when they need it most.

Like most specialists, there can be a waiting period for your dog's initial behaviour consultation. The urgent behaviour help session will provide you with insight into your dog's behaviour and provide you with some strategies to help manage your dog's behaviour.

Please note, while this service can provide you with helpful information about your dog's behaviour, long-standing, dangerous, or complex behaviour problems are better served by the in-person or remote consultation formats. 

Urgent behaviour sessions are only available virtually. These are 1/2 hour sessions and are $50 CDN. An intake form must be completed 24 hours prior to your session and you will receive an emailed summary post session. 

Virtual Behaviour Consults

Virtual behaviour consults are similar to Sarah's in home behaviour consults, except that it is done via computer! This can often be more beneficial for dogs who are reactive/ nervous of strangers. Sarah will take a history of your dog, possibly observe behaviour and provide recommendations to start behaviour modification. Thanks to technology, Sarah can see how you are interacting with your dog, help you adjust this and demonstrate with her own dog. 

An initial virtual behaviour consult is 1.5 hours in length and is $140. Follow-up virtual sessions are $70 per hour. Please contact us to schedule. 


Virtual Puppy Behaviour Wellness Sessions

The puppy behaviour wellness program is not like your typical virtual puppy class.  Each 3 week program is personalized to your puppy’s needs while we work on foundation to prevent common behavior problems such as resource guarding, reactivity, and separation anxiety.  This program includes 3 x 1 hour private online sessions which are completed over 3-5 weeks, as well as weekly homework challenges.  This program is available to puppies under 5 months of age.  Cost is $180.  Please use our contact form to enroll!

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