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Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting

Sarah Dykes, Hon.B.Kin, Dip DTBC, CDBC

Sarah is one of southwestern Ontario’s most educated and experienced canine behavior consultants.  Drawing from 15+ years of experience, seminar and competition attendance throughout North America, Sarah is committed to providing you and your dog thoughtful and progressive training and behaviour modification.

Sarah completed a Diploma in Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  Following that, she met the requirements to earn the designation of Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  She has previously been a member of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.  Sarah has attended many seminars and hands on courses, including multi-day conferences and workshops.  Her favourite has been the 5 day Handler Course with Mike Suttle at Logan Haus Kennels.

Sarah has been fortunate to have had many opportunities to work with various canine populations, from rescued pit bull terriers to retired sled dogs.  She has previously worked as a manager in an animal shelter, worked in various veterinary clinics as well as a research assistant , and she fulfilled the role as a canine behaviour expert witness for the city of Vancouver, district of Squamish, resort Municipality of Whistler, and assisted Squamish Nations on dangerous dog cases. 

Sarah has assisted hundreds of dog guardians with behaviour problems such as reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety , and fear related behaviours.   She also provides support for new puppy and adopted dog homes, and she enjoys teaching puppy class.  Sarah has also assisted performance and working dog handlers with behaviour issues affected their dogs’ performances.

Sarah currently lives with 2 dogs – Shorty, who competes in barn hunt and patrols the farm for vermin, and Mulder, who competes in PSA (a type of civilian police work), sport scent detection and occasionally barn hunt. 

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Available in Stratford, London, St. Marys                              and surrounding area

Private Behaviour Consultations
Puppies: Classes & Private sessions
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Working/Sport Dog Events

Sarah offers in home private behaviour consultations – she prefers meeting you and your dog in your home/ neighbourhood as that is where the undesirable behaviour is occurring.  It is extremely helpful for Sarah to see the set up of your dog’s environment, his/her behaviour in that environment, and begin the modification process at home.  Initial consultations are 1.5 hour in length, with follow-up sessions 1 hour in length. 


Breakfast Club (Reactive dog Class)

Sarah has been teaching Breakfast Club (aka reactive dog class) for over 10 years.  Starting in British Columbia and inspired by Pam Dennison's book, Bringing Light To Shadow, Sarah started a class for dogs to work on their challenges in a controlled environment.

Each dog is set up with individual "working" turns, in which scenarios are designed to work on your dog's reactivity below threshold while rewarding appropriate behaviour.  In between "working" turns, your dog can go on a sniff walk around the 60 acre farm or stick around to help other dogs.

This class is outdoors and is only offered, weather permitting and not during snow months.  Please contact for more information.

Puppy classes are one of the most important things you can do for your puppy!  This class is designed for puppies aged 2-4 months of age and focuses on safe socialization, basic obedience and handling.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 puppies for safety.  These classes are available in Stratford at Romeo Pet Hospital.

Puppy private sessions are also available and these are extremely popular!  Great for issues such as house training , crate training, family training, puppy biting, and good manners.  These are done in your home, and it is ideal to have all members of the household available.

Sarah has assisted a variety of working/ sport dog teams in problem solving either behavior problems that may affect performance or task related issues.  Sarah also offers instruction in scent detection and tracking and occasionally hosts canine protection seminars.  Scent detection and olfactory research is a frequent focus of Sarah’s continuing education.  Please contact her for these specialty services.   


Virtual Puppy Behaviour Wellness Program

The puppy behaviour wellness program is not like your typical virtual puppy class.  Each 3 week program is personalized to your puppy’s needs while we work on foundation to prevent common behavior problems such as resource guarding, reactivity, and separation anxiety.  This program includes 3 x 1 hour private online sessions which are completed over 3 weeks, as well as weekly homework challenges.  This program is available to puppies 4 months of age and less and is open to Canadian residents.  Cost is $120.  Please use our contact form to enroll!



I have been very fortunate to collaborate with Sarah of Bad Dogs Gone Good Dog Training Services. I have referred clients who needed help with their dogs and the results have been outstanding. In some cases, we can combine behaviour therapy with behaviour modifying drugs to achieve our goals. My own personal dogs love working as decoy dogs at Breakfast Club, and now react to the sound of reactive dogs by looking at me for a reward. Talk about operant conditioning!  

 ~Dr. Ashley Danyluk, Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital

Sarah's  down-to-earth positive training methods have immensely increased Mr. Beefcake's confidence level and reduced his fear of "the world".  Her customized training plans and her professional, respectful treatment of both the dog and the handler enables her classes to be fun and successful at the same time! With her help, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Beefcake will achieve his CGN.

 ~Arlene & Beef

Both Kevin and I wanted to thank you for coming out to work with us and putting together a plan for Jake so we were able to help him figure out that the car isn't a scary place.  So thank you once again!

 ~Jenna, Kevin and Jake

I did want to tell you about agility class though - because I couldn't have done it without the skills I've learned from you. I made sure we were the first ones there, went to the back of the room where there is a corner I could go around. When another dog came in Walt got lots of treats when he looked at them. If he got whiny we went around the corner and relaxed, then tried again. All four dogs came in that way with no drama! I honestly don't think I could have done a group class like that with so little stress without the things we've learned from you - so THANK YOU!!! 

 ~Jennifer & Walter